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Note: There are two tank mix calculation methods below. Either may be useful to you depending on your situation at the time.

Start With Tank Size

The first method allows you to enter your tank size and total rate. Once these are provided, it tells you how much of each ingredient you will need to fill up the tank.

Start With Boxes Of Product

The second method lets you enter in your rate and number of boxes of Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 or Pivot Bio RETURN®. This method can be useful if you do not want to have partial boxes open between fills.

Application and Rate

For 30 inch rows, the application rate is 0.1 gallon/ac, each 16L box treats 40 acres.
Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 and Pivot Bio RETURN® must be applied in-furrow for root colonization to occur.
Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 and Pivot Bio RETURN® have performed well across many soil types, there are some indications that it may perform best on sandier soils that tend to have lower organic matter.
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best practices2

Treatment Zones

Proper naming of treatment zones is critical if you plan on participating in any of the Pivot Bio programs that require data submission.
The best way to identify treatment zones is to label the area where proven was applied with “PB” (for Pivot Bio) after the hybrid name.

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