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First-Ever On-Seed Nitrogen Introduced for Use in Corn, Small Grains

Pivot Bio announced an industry first for farmers this week – the development and introduction of on-seed microbial nitrogen for crops including corn, grain sorghum and spring wheat.


An Iowa farmer says a new seed treatment technology launched at this week’s Farm Progress Show could be a game changer for how farmers help improve the environment.


Farmers have to apply heaps of emissions-heavy fertilizer to provide crops with enough nitrogen. Scientists are looking to legumes for help.

National Sorghum Producers Welcomes Pivot Bio As An Industry Partner

Pivot Bio is proud to support the National Sorghum Producers as an industry partner at the Gold Level. We recognize the value sorghum brings to sustainability and the vital role of growers.

Pivot Bio Nears $2 Billion Valuation As It Raises Whopping $430 Million To Replace Synthetic Fertilizers On Corn And Wheat

Pivot Bio broke the code on using microbes to get crops to self-fertilize, allowing farmers to replace their synthetic fertilizers. It's now worth nearly $2 billion.

Microbial Nitrogen Tech Gets A Boost

Pivot Bio announces new funding round, and is launching Pivot Bio PROVEN® 40 the latest version of its nitrogen-fixing technology.

Keeping Nutrients On The Field

This podcast shares information about more effective nutrient management systems for today's farmers.

Pivot Bio Offers N-Producing Microbe for Grain Sorghum

A new microbial product from Pivot Bio could help them maximize nitrogen efficiency by creating a strong connection with the plant and delivering a reliable yet consistent supply of nitrogen.

Farmers Look To Innovate Their Way To Smaller Environmental Footprint

New forms of farming equipment could make it easier for growers to apply nitrogen fertilizer as well as other inputs — in other words, make precision agriculture more precise.

Future Of Ag Podcast Featuring Pivot Bio CEO And Co-Founder Karsten Temme

Learn more about how Pivot Bio's microbes work, the impact on farmers, and how biology is poised to transform agriculture.

Pivot Bio Makes Fortune Impact 20 List

Impact 20 is dedicated to recognizing young companies that are already making people’s lives better, even as they fine-tune and road-test their ideas in capitalism’s laboratory.

Why Bill Gates Is Betting Millions On Synthetic Biology

The world’s brightest tech founders are investing in synthetic biology, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates who helped fund Pivot Bio.

Pivot Bio’s Aims to Reduce Agricultural Environmental Footprint

Pivot Bio aims to change that with new technology that reduces the environmental footprint of agriculture while increase farmers crop output and revenue.

Pivot Bio raises $100M as it proves out why it’s agtech’s next billion-dollar baby

After closing its $100 million Series C funding round, Pivot Bio will accelerate its plans to scale its first-to-market microbial nitrogen technology that increases crop yields and farmer revenue.

BREAKING: Pivot Bio raises $100m Series C to meet demand for sold-out nitrogen-fixing microbe product

The Berkeley, CA-based startup has announced the closing of a $100 million Series C round co-led by return investors Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

With fresh support from its billionaire backers Pivot Bio is ushering in a farming revolution

A century after nitrogen fertilizer was introduced, a new group of scientists backed by government-owned international investment funds and some of the world’s wealthiest men and women is trying to save the world from

Pivot Bio Named to SVG Ventures 2020 THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech

Selected as a top 50 AgTech company by SVG Ventures, Pivot Bio was chosen in the biotechnology sector because it exemplifies the best in agriculture innovation.

Pivot Bio Named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Biotech Companies List 2020

Pivot Bio was named to Fast Company’s most innovative biotechnology companies, which reflects the push in pharmaceuticals to expand past lucrative cures and focus on desperately needed solutions.

Farmer Quits Synthetic Nitrogen, Goes to N-producing Microbe in Corn

Central Iowa farmer Scott Henry changed course for 2020, swapping his traditional nitrogen program for Pivot Bio PROVEN™’s sustainable nitrogen-producing microbes.

Rabobank Presents 2019 Food and Agribusiness Industry Leadership Awards

Recipients have been announced, celebrating companies in the region that demonstrate exceptional achievements in innovation, sustainability and market leadership.

Pivot Bio Expands Sales Distribution

Pivot Bio PROVEN™ is the first of its kind nitrogen-producing microbial product, which has an approved label in 33 states. The product can replace 25 lb. to 40 lb. of synthetic nitrogen in corn production.

Scientists say farmers could grow their way out of the climate crisis

Growing food around the world will only get harder as weather gets harsher and more unpredictable.

The Corn That Grows Itself

How microbes could upend America’s toxic dependence on nitrogen fertilizer.

Inside The High Tech World Of Microbes For Crops

Pivot Bio ‘re-awakens’ the nitrogen-producing capabilities occurring naturally in soil microbes by using genomic sequencing to identify these crop-associated microbes with the natural ability to produce nitrogen.

The newest food trend is in the ground

Food companies’ sustainability goals hinge on soil health.

Farmers testing new fertilizer alternative: bacteria

The bacteria will help the corn plants convert nitrogen from the atmosphere into a form the corn plants can use as fertilizer. The idea is to eventually replace synthetic nitrogen fertilizer with microbes.

Microbe product’s trials show potential for corn farmers

Pivot Bio touted its microbe technology as a way to increase production by more than 7 bushels per acre in normal soil and 17 bushels an acre in sandy soil when tested against fields with traditional nitrogen fertilizer.

We should discuss soil as much as we talk about coal

What if we could fertilize plants without releasing harmful nitrous oxide into the air? Bill Gates highlights several companies, including Pivot Bio, that are developing creative solutions.

Thrive AgTech 2019 Top 50 Report

An annual ranking of 50 leading global AgTech companies exemplifying the best in agriculture and food-focused innovation.

Berkeley’s designer bacteria: The end of fertilizer?

Scientists build novel microbe that lets us re-imagine how we grow food.

Pivot Bio Named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List

Pivot Bio makes the world’s first nitrogen-producing microbial that grafts onto corn to act as a sustainable fertilizer.

Pivot Bio’s PROVEN Microbes Can Reduce Negative Impacts of Fertilizer Overuse and Leaching

In a six-year trial, spanning 13 states, 45 different soil types, and 11,000 acres, farms using PROVEN produced on average 7.7 bushels of corn more per acre than those using traditional synthetic fertilizer.

Midwest Corn Farmers Put New Fertilizer Alternative To The Test

The San Francisco-based startup has now completed over 11,000 field trials of its microbes with Midwest farmers, bringing the company one step closer to commercialization.

8 Ag Tech Start-ups Worth Watching in 2019

As you look across the ag tech landscape, the number of companies vying for farmers’ attention seems to continuously be on the rise. It’s also creating fatigue.

From Akero to Zymergen, 20 Bay Area biotech companies to watch around JPM19

The 37th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, along with the Biotech Showcase, Startup Health Festival and other conferences in San Francisco this week, feature big names, such as Amgen Inc., Gilead Sciences Inc.,

44 Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career on in 2019

Here’s our annual list of promising enterprise startups who did so well in 2018, they are poised for future success in 2019 and beyond.

Recession, Blockchain, Drones and Other Tech Predictions for 2019

Technology is evolving at an exponential pace and undoubtedly a year from now the landscape will look different than it does today. Here’s what tech insiders see coming around the bend.

From Alnylam to Zayner: Xconomy’s Top Innovation Stories of 2018

As the year winds down, we’re reflecting on the big innovation trends and developments that will carry over to next year.

6 Glimmers of Climate Optimism for the End of a Dark Year

It was a year of frightening reports on the future of our planet. But sustainability experts are still feeling optimistic about some of the strides we’ve made this year.

Bayer and Pivot Bio Collaborate on Soybean Inoculant

Earlier this week Pivot Bio and Monsanto Company, a member of the Bayer group, announced a collaboration they entered earlier this year to develop a new soybean inoculant. The collaboration focuses on developing

Farmers Can Now Buy Designer Microbes to Replace Fertilizer

Fertilizing is essential to yielding a healthy harvest, but it’s expensive enough that he stresses about it, and, as he’s well aware, it’s not great for the planet.

Replacing Fertilizer With Plant Probiotics Could Slash Greenhouse Gases

“If we can start reducing the pollution tied to fertilizer, then we’re literally cleaning up the planet,” said Karsten Temme, the company’s chief executive, in an interview.

Pivot Bio Gets $70M, Led by Bill Gates’s Fund, to Replace Fertilizer

Scientists at agriculture startup Pivot Bio say the key to delivering an important nutrient to crops has been at the plants’ roots all along—and the company is now preparing to offer farmers an alternative to fertilizer.

Death by Fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer is a disaster. Abandoning it would be a bigger disaster. Now a dozen billionaires are funding an alternative.