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Mitchell Craft

Bio-input startup Pivot Bio blazes past $100m revenue mark, appoints a new CEO

With the company in the midst of what he calls “a really momentous time,” Temme will shift out of his CEO role, passing the baton to ag industry veteran and Pivot Bio board member Chris Abbott.

Chemical fertilizer is a climate disaster. Can high-tech biology fix it?

The world needs to find a more sustainable nitrogen delivery system, and a fast-growing Berkeley-based unicorn called Pivot Bio believes it’s invented one.

Maximizing Crop Health: The Impact Of Biologicals

Biological solutions like Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 OS complement conventional farming practices, giving producers more ways to protect and enhance plant health while using fewer synthetic inputs.

Pivot Bio Named 2023 Responsible Business Awards Finalist

Pivot Bio named a finalist for Reuter Responsible Business's 2023 Product Innovation Award, recognizing companies that have developed an innovative product to address critical challenges.

Nitrogen-Producing Bacteria Slash Fertiliser Use On Farms

Pivot Bio's nitrogen-producing microbes have made a big difference for reducing fertilizer-related emissions and pollution across millions of acres of farmland in the US.

The Idea Of "Holobionts" Represents A Paradigm Shift In Biology

The concept of "holobionts," symbiotic metaorganisms, is transforming how biologists view the world and unleashing a wave of innovation including Pivot Bio's nitrogen-fixing microbes.

Pivot Bio Named 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50 Company

Pivot Bio was named to the annual CNBC Disruptor 50 list, which highlights private companies that are chasing some of the market’s biggest opportunities, and growing despite a tough capital markets environment.


Microbial nitrogen from Pivot Bio presents an opportunity for farmers to increase ROI while improving environmental factors.

Pivot Bio Among Top 50 AgTech and FoodTech Innovators in 2023 THRIVE Report

Pivot Bio has been selected for the 2023 THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech and FoodTech Reports, recognized for their innovative work in transforming the agrifood value chain towards a more sustainable future.

Pivot Bio: The New Nitrogen Company

Pivot Bio PROVEN 40 OS was recognized as AgriMarketing's New Product of the Year for 2022.

Deadly, dirty, indispensable: the nitrogen industry has changed the world

Bacteria are far better chemists than Haber, Bosch or any of their human successors, and do so without high temperatures and pressures.

Rabobank Recognizes its 2022 Food and Agribusiness Leadership Award Winners

The recipient of the 2022 Rabobank Award for Leadership in Sustainability is Pivot Bio.

First-Ever On-Seed Nitrogen Introduced for Use in Corn, Small Grains

Pivot Bio announced an industry first for farmers this week – the development and introduction of on-seed microbial nitrogen for crops including corn, grain sorghum and spring wheat.


Farmers have to apply heaps of emissions-heavy fertilizer to provide crops with enough nitrogen. Scientists are looking to legumes for help.

Record Fertilizer Prices Drive Investors, Farmers to Microbes

Companies such as Pivot Bio are pushing development of farm fertilizers by harnessing microbes to deliver nutrients that corn and other crops need.

Pivot Bio Nears $2 Billion Valuation As It Raises Whopping $430 Million To Replace Synthetic Fertilizers On Corn And Wheat

Pivot Bio broke the code on using microbes to get crops to self-fertilize, allowing farmers to replace their synthetic fertilizers. It's now worth nearly $2 billion.

Pivot Bio Offers N-Producing Microbe for Grain Sorghum

A new microbial product from Pivot Bio could help them maximize nitrogen efficiency by creating a strong connection with the plant and delivering a reliable yet consistent supply of nitrogen.

Farmers Can Now Buy Designer Microbes to Replace Fertilizer

Fertilizing is essential to yielding a healthy harvest, but it’s expensive enough that he stresses about it, and, as he’s well aware, it’s not great for the planet.